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The next intake of the Soulful & Sensitive Mentorship will begin in March 2024. Click below to register your interest and join the waitlist


What if being Highly Sensitive didn't have to be hard and could in fact become your greatest asset?

Your desires for a more intuitively driven and supportive life have come though because your soul is calling in a new reality where you feel radiantly alive and  are celebrated, seen and valued.


As a Highly Sensitive Woman you are well aware of how others are thinking and feeling, but have you checked in with yourself lately?

You instinctually know that you are ready to share more, learn more and BE more, but you’re also tired and overwhelmed by the bigness of this life and all the hats you wear on a daily basis.


And so love, are you listening to this sacred call to action? Are you hearing the call of your heart to embrace your sensitive nature and gifts? Are you ready to really ‘own’ them?

Or beautiful woman, are you finding yourself….

Feeling stuck

Wanting to retreat from life

Questioning your value

Second guessing your intuition

Losing you voice – literally and metaphorically

Staying in relationships that don't serve your highest good because deep down you feel you don't deserve love 

Feeling envious of woman who seem so ‘tough’ and ‘all together’

Experiencing exhaustion at a soul level

Not feeling like you’re in the right career

And wondering why you seem to be doing so much and trying so hard but the life you want still feels out of reach?


Its time to break free from old patterns of feeling overwhelmed, tired and 'not on the right path' and learn a more empowered, easeful and confident way to show up in the world as a Highly Sensitive Woman. What I see and know to be true for myself is that Highly Sensitive Women are often people pleasers and perfectionists. We are so attuned to how others are thinking and feeling and wanting to be the 'good girl' we adapt for our environment without checking in with our authentic desires first. Whether its conscious or not we can often find ourselves trying to fit into a box of someone else's design and wondering how the heck we got there. And this is when the despair can set in. We don't recognise ourselves.

What if living, and thriving, as a Highly Sensitive woman didn't need to feel out of reach?

There are ways to live in the world that allow us to feel both vital and grounded.

Where you know your own boundaries so well and you honour yourself everyday in the ways you interact with the world.

Where you are self aware to a level that no one can make you second guess yourself and your choices.

Where your relationships are built on the highest foundation of love and respect...because you love and respect yourself first.


Where you are able to maintain a steady life force because you know how to protect your own energy field.

Where you understand that the world was made for the 80% of the population but you're skilful at explaining to those around you both what you need and what you can offer.

THIS is the way of the Highly Sensitive, soulful woman.


For too long there has been a lack of understanding about the true gifts of being Highly Sensitive (HSP).

Thanks to the groundbreaking work of the research psychologist Elaine Aron who discovered this trait in the 90's, and the many researches and authors who have followed in her empowering footsteps, we now have much more awareness around what it means to be HSP.

Around 80% of the population do NOT have this trait. No wonder we feel misunderstood so often! The world was not built for us over here in the minority.

But its time we stood in our power.

We evolved this way for a reason. Its not a mistake. Its not a weakness or a 'defect'. Quite the opposite in fact. Its an evolutionary trait that that is present to help our species survive. 

The deep listening and feeling capacity that you have in so needed. 

So lets claim our space in the world as Highly Sensitive Women. Showing up as out most grounded and vibrant selves.



Is a woman who...

  • is deeply intuitive

  • can feel the energy shift in a room instantly

  • is not afraid of doing the inner work

  • alchemises pain into power

  • often cries from witnessing beauty or feeling happy

  • knows in her body when things feel 'off'

  • knows what others need to feel comfortable 

  • can give and receive love with ease

  • embraces her rich inner life

  • prioritises her health — mental, physical and spiritual

  • is her own guide

  • values deep rest

  • is committed to healing her wounds

  • values herself and knows what she brings to the table in work and relationships

  • is wildly creative and imaginative 

  • is in love with life and feels it all so deeply

  • cares for the planet forms of life living on it



The three month mastermind course for Highly Sensitive, soulful women ready to step into their most radiant and empowered version

Whats included:

  • 12 x pre-recorded modules 20-30 mins each where we go deep into the theory and science each week

  • 12x pre-recorded practices (yoga, breath and meditation) each 10-45 mins. These are unlocked weekly throughout the program (same as the theory modules) so you gradually build up a toolkit of techniques and guidance to support your body and nervous system

  • 2 or 3 (see BONUS information at payment page) private 1:1 coaching sessions with Lou where you will have the time and space to go deep into what vision you are calling in for yourself though this inner work you are undertaking

  • 10 x group coaching calls to mastermind as a group on the content from the previous week. These will take place via Zoom each week on Monday at 5.30 AEST EXCEPT for in weeks 1 and 6 of the program as this is when the 1:1 sessions will be scheduled. ​In this sacred and brave space you are free to ask questions of the content, share what has come up for you and be witnessed by your fellow sensitive sisters as you share your lived experience. There is SO much power in women sitting in circle like this. Even virtual ones. We have been doing it since the start of time because it is soul medicine.

  • Contact with Lou and the rest of the group via Slack (messaging app) throughout the 12 weeks. You will be seen and held and supported.

Healing Stones


I have no doubt that though this Sensitive & Soulful Mentorship, Highly Sensitive Women who show up and do the work will experience a profound and life-changing inner revolution that touches every aspect of their life.


Here are some of the powerful transformations this work is designed to support

  • Embracing Authenticity: Move from shame and self doubt to understanding that your sensitivity it is a unique gift that sets you apart in a beautiful way and feel proud to 'own it'.

  • Empowered 'beautiful' Boundaries: Confidently set and maintain healthy boundaries in your personal and professional lives, freeing yourself from toxic relationships and situations that drain your life force.


  • Resilient Self-Care: Prioritise self-care as a non-negotiable aspect of your life. Letting yourself get run down and burnt out (trying to do and be everything for everyone) helps NO ONE. Learn to nurture your emotional, mental, and physical well-being with compassion and dedication. I love a bath but true self care goes far beyond that.

  • Empathic Mastery: Learn to navigate your empathic abilities effectively. Move from feeling 'psychic, energetic attacks' where it feels impossible to discern your emotions from those around you. Instead learn to protect your energy and channel this empathy into understanding people and situations better.


  • Heightened Confidence: Let of of that crippling self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Through this work you will build unwavering self-confidence to pursue your dreams and take on challenges fearlessly. You are here for a reason! Step confidently into your power and share your voice - the world needs it now more than ever.

  • Effective Communication: Stop swallowing your feelings and shying away from speaking the truth in your heart. This is hurting you more than you know. Instead, awaken your throat chakra and develop powerful communication skills, allowing you to express yourself and be fully understood by those around you, leading to more authentic and meaningful relationships.

  • Thriving in your Career: We spend so much of our life in the workplace. Have you taken a moment to consider if your work is truly suited to your sensitive nature? Often we find ourselves in careers that either don't serve us or don't suit us. Burnout is a real risk for HSP souls. We are incredible in the caring and helping spaces but we need to hold impeccable boundaries here. We also make skilful analysts and advisors. Maybe you need to consider a completely new career or perhaps a simple tweak within your current job will make your experience of work life so much better. When we understand our unique gifts we are much more able to find our true vocation and communicate our value in the workplace.

  • Stress and Health Management: Anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia are the unfortunate expression of a Highly Sensitive Person who has let their self care slide. We have to work harder than the average bear on maintaining this fine balance. Building physical and emotional health is the foundation of this work. In the Soulful & Sensitive Mentorship I have included 12 practices (yoga, breath and meditation) that I teach via pre-recorded video so you can practice and master them in your own time, enabling you build a toolbox of resources to handle life's pressures with grace and balance via a regulated nervous system.

  • Deeper Connections: I know you despise shallow and superficial connections. Its almost painful to go though the motions of social niceties when you like to connect heart to heart. Through this work we build a deep connection our own soul and unique spirituality. In this way we move closer to OURSELVES. This in turn allows us to form deeper and more meaningful connections in relationships, creating a sense of belonging. The community of women who will be going though the mentorship with you will provide a new circle of support and friendship too. There is so much power in Highly Sensitive women gathering together - even virtually.​

  • Radiant Empowerment: Stop diminishing your light and playing small. Its time to actually embrace your brilliance and shine as a beacon of inspiration for others. The world needs your light. As Marianne Williamson says "Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world".

  • Creating Impact: What I know to be true is that EMPOWERED Highly Sensitive Women make a positive impact in the lives of others.  I lovingly invite you to use your sensitivity and empathy to bring about positive change in your community and beyond. This is the core message of my work.

The transformation experienced through The Soulful & Sensitive Mentorship goes far beyond just knowledge and skills; it's about a profound shift in mindset and self-awareness. The women who do this work become strong, radiant, and authentic individuals, revealing their inner light and embracing their sensitivity as a significant gift. As you step into your true power, you will create a ripple effect of positivity, uplifting not just yourself but the world around you.



I shared the essence of this program at an in person retreat earlier in the year and now I have decided to take it online and expand it. This is what some of the women who attended had to say about their experience.

"The biggest take away for me was a really special experience to sit with other women who feel this way. We didn't have the same presentation of sensitivity or the same needs but we could just be in that space together... It was the first time I unmasked that feeling I had that I needed to hold myself together...The most beautiful part was the reframe when we got to identify what our sensitivities are and then reframe them so it feels empowering...I have a more sustainable energy level and...I have more capacity to do the other things that I never had the capacity for before so its been life changing to me to be honest"

Watch the full testimonial here

Jess S

"I used to be so exhausted at the end of the week that I would need to be alone to recharge. I got that mixed up with thinking it was an introvert trait but now I realise it was far more than that...

...connecting with others that were like me was a real joy, such a liberation to not have to be masking my true was an opportunity for me to strip back the layers and have a look beyond some of the conditioning and have a think about how uncomfortable I felt in the world very often and then what tools I needed to find my place in the world with more ease and grace...I now have a lot less guilt about prioritising myself. I'm giving myself the permission to prioritise pleasure and rest"

Watch the full testimonial here

Rach B

"I used to think that needing time to recharge was laziness. I used to tell myself the story 'you're lazy Jenn' i realise its not laziness but its my body speaking to me...

I now understand why being in nature is so important to me because that is what really energises me and fills up my it all makes sense.

...I also have much more understanding of my highly sensitive son which was the real reason I went on retreat to be honest"

Watch the full testimonial here

Jenn Davidson 


It is my core belief that self knowledge is power and the more we understand ourselves the more we can show up as our BEST, most empowered version.

This is the exact information, deep inner work and practices that have personally shifted my own life and lived experience as a Highly Sensitive Woman. It's not easy surface work. We go deep. But its also fun and inspirational to know you are growing and expanding. 

From my experience I know there is a more easeful way to live that empowers and uplifts and I created the Soulful & Sensitive Mentorship to share it. This work is truly from my heart and my intention is to open this space to any woman who feels the sacred call to do it.


Next intake of the MENTORSHIP is March 2024. Register your interest now to claim a space on the waitlist for first option to join and get access to early bird pricing

$4000 AUD

Pay in full

This option gives you a BONUS 1:1 one hour coaching session with Lou to take at any time before, during or after the container
(value $400 AUD)


Payment plan

Allowing you to pay over four months


Payment plan

Allowing you to pay over 8 months



Next intake is March 2024. Dates to be released soon.


Yes. We will be moving though this as a group. There are 10 x live coaching calls and 2 or 3 private 1:1 calls with Lou. There are also 12 x pre recorded modules and 12 x pre recorded practices to work though in your own time between the live calls. These will be 'unlocked' weekly. Please note the live group coaching calls are NOT recorded. I have decided to do this so participants feel safe to share knowing the space is just for that moment. Please make sure you can attend the calls that will be at 5.30pm Monday nights AEST. Of course if you can't make it for some reason we wont hold it against you but please have the intention to show up each week.


You will have access for 12 months minimum. I know the value of being able to go over content several times to gain the full benefit.


Absolutely. Payments plans are available over 4 or 8 months from $500 AUD.


All of your resources will be stored on a private members site that you will be able to access at any time. We will also have a group slack channel (messaging app) and will be connected between sessions throughout the entire program here. As things come up you can share and ask for support and/or clarification.


Yes. There are two intakes are year in March and August.


I do. While I truly believe in the power of mastermind and women gathering to share wisdom I also know that it's not for everyone. If you wish to work though this content in a 1:1 capacity I also offer private coaching where you will have access to all modules to compliment private coaching sessions. Reach out for these details.


It is standard practice in the coaching space to have a policy of no refunds. However, I stand behind this work and my ability to guide you through it so strongly that I have decided that I WILL offer them - with certain conditions. If you come to all live sessions, watch the modules and complete the workbooks within the time frame and STILL do not have a transformation that feels empowering and valuable I will refund the full cost incurred by you. That is how much I believe in this program and I truly want you to feel safe in your investment.


You are SO loved and welcome in this space x

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