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Lisa B

Beautiful Lou. Thank you for seeing me and holding a mirror up to my strengths and qualities, here but also in the sessions we’ve had over the last six months of working together. I’m so grateful for the time I’ve spent with you and how you have gently helped me rearrange and reframe the way I look at life and my goals. 

The checking in with and referring back to these goals has helped me clarify where I’m headed when I become distracted or confused. 

You reassured me that I was capable, which helped me see what I can achieve and what I have already achieved so far. This is something I can do for myself now with the goals and my self-belief, when I feel overwhelmed. 

I believe in the power I have to say YES to the things I want more of in my life and to be able to set boundaries in my relationships and with my time. To say no to things, which don’t align to how I want to live, and what I deserve to have.

I feel more equip to make better choices and to keep on pushing forward with strength and courage despite the challenges.I feel ready and able to move on from the relationships that we’re holding me back.

Another great gift of working with you has been realising that as an empath and Highly Sensitive Person, I need to look after myself and be discerning about which situations I put myself in. There is no point trying to be someone I’m not. With this comes acceptance of who I really am and not seeing it as a flaw or something I need to develop more resilience to be able to cope with. 

Thank you for sharing your gifts and encouraging me to do the same.

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Diana P

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be held by Lou as I explored and worked on my goals.  Goals are scary but Lou intuitively knew how to work with me to make them achievable. Her wealth of wisdom in the topic of being highly sensitive helped me understand myself, to know what I need to incorporate in my life to thrive and be kinder to myself.  I know what I need to focus on now. I don’t need to worry about the future. Seeds are planted, all will be revealed in time.


When I connected with Lou I was struggling with self-confidence and felt really withdrawn from life – living out of sync with what brings me happiness.

I love how Lou teaches yoga and felt like her warmth would help me reach my goals and navigate some of the big stuff I was going through. I wanted a sounding board and someone to just listen. I have worked with a coach before but my previous coaches had a very different approach and were not able to provide me support over multiple areas. 

Going into the first session I was stressed due to the anxiety I was facing around family, work and personally how I was living my life. By the end of the first session I had crystallised the kind of goals I wanted to set for myself. I knew why I was doing this and was reaffirmed that it was time to focus on myself for now.

Since my coaching experience I feel calmer and happier and friends have shared that how I show up is a lot happier overall which is so nice to hear.

I care less about the view others have of me, and as a result I have been able to make changes that feel right for me. My friendships are a lot stronger and I am grateful for all the beautiful connections I have made over the last few months. Career wise, even though it is so busy at the moment, I am glad I have shifted to a new role and it has given me the drive to focus on my business even further so I can change my career in 2023 to be fully self-employed. 

Thank you for a great experience Lou. I am glad my goals were so varied and for the support you provided for each goal. Thank you for also giving me space to process everything. Our time together was well balanced, and even though I had so much going on during the time, the 3 months together was perfectly timed. 


Nina Gvoz

Yoga Teacher - Prema Yoga

When I started the coaching series, I was struggling to find peace in my home space, my work and a relationship. I was trying to create my dream life. Going into the first session I felt very excited and optimistic and by the end of this session it had crystallised that I can manifest easily, I just need to be specific and not change my mind so often. During the course of the 3 month coaching series I have noticed that my confidence and awareness in my capabilities has gone up. My experience felt insightful, nourishing and healing. I love you Lou and I’m grateful for everything you have helped me with. I truly loved this experience


Rachel Ballan - Educator and Recruitment Consultant

Coming out of the pandemic (2020-21), I really wanted 2022 to be “my year”. But as the months have gone on this year, I felt that I totally lost control of myself, my direction and felt unable to navigate my way out.

Even though I genuinely try my best to keep my head above water; financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, as well as try my best to be a good mother, sister daughter and friend, I always feel like I fall short, and I am consumed with anxiety, guilt and shame for not “doing enough”, “being enough” and more recently for being an emotional wreck with heavy stuff going ALL THE TIME. 

I knew I needed a new blueprint or strategy to not only get me out of the darkness of 2022, but also so I could thrive moving forward.

In the interest in full transparency, I wasn’t completely convinced coaching could help me or my situation, knowing the complexity of my life and my children’s lives. Before starting this series, I told a friend that “I’m too far gone for coaching”, but despite this, I went into this experience committed to the process and promised myself I would embrace the journey. Lou is an incredible woman who is intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, and loving. I have always felt safe in her presence, never judged or looked down upon. When I am in her yoga classes, I feel her genuine and beautiful heart, lovingly guiding the practice. This is one of the main reasons I said YES and trusted Lou through this journey, no questions asked and committed to the process ahead. 

The first session was very confronting and emotional for me. I probably wasn’t required to share as much as I did. That’s part of the reason I avoid bringing up the past. But Lou patiently and lovingly let me share and then gently pulled me back into the structured coaching space, where we were able to create my goals. 

In the beginning, the steps, boundaries, and changes did not feel natural or smooth. I had to stop and think, before adjusting. But as the weeks went out, the process felt more organic, and I felt more empowered, determined and positive about my progress.

The main change the people around me have noticed is that my loving boundaries and expectations are clear and unwavering, cemented by firm actions that I don’t back down on. I have also learnt that I also need to apply loving boundaries to myself to better manage my way of dealing with stressful or overwhelming situations.

I have more clarity and focus on what I want and need, and more strength to say goodbye to people, situations and destructive habits that were holding me back. I have lovingly let go of a few friendships, was able to end a 3-month relationship recognising it wasn’t entirely the right fit and choosing to pour that time and energy into bettering myself.  

Through this journey with Lou, I was able to make progress in my life in a short space of time. She helped me clarify my goals, identify the obstacles holding me back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. Through our early discussions, Lou was able to target the skills and resources I have right now and encouraged me to make the most of my strengths and my determination to achieve long-lasting and much needed change. 

Lou, Thank you so much for offering this service to those who want to make positive, healthy, and loving changes to their life. You're an incredible coach and I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress you've helped me make in my life in such a short space of time. 


Nyssa Grimes - Retreat Host and Yoga Teacher

My time working with Lou felt enriching, authentic and safe. When we first started the coaching series I was living off saving and commission based yoga teaching and felt unable to work full or even part time as university study was taking up so much of my headspace.

My goals were to be authentically and unapologetically me in the world and to create abundance in my life from a sense of flow and day-to-day ease. I desired to recoonect to my sense of purpose, passion and love.

Lou is an incredibly inspiring woman with drive, passion and a plethora of knowledge. She has a gentle, loving and compassionate spirit and there was no doubt in my mind that she would be the most aligned coach for me

I have worked briefly with a coach before and gained from the experience. My expectations were exceeded with Lou. She has an innate ability to hold space for others. I felt held, supported, un-judged, empathised with and most of all heard.

By the end of our time together I had gained clarity on that which I most wanted to be. Tapping back into my own wisdom of what lights me up, what brings me joy, what is my wildest dream and how I can work, step by step, toward this.

Friends have noticed that I’ve returned to my abundant and full self. They have mentioned I seem brighter, ambitions, and joyful.  I feel confident, driven, excited and content. Relationships feel authentic. My career at this point could take a multitude of directions and this really excites me.

Love you beautify Lou. You are, and will continue to be, an angel to me and those who get to share in your wisdom


Amy Masters - Psychic Medium and Spiritual Life Coach

When I first connected with Lou I was struggling with my health and was feeling constantly exhausted and stressed out. For a long time I had been ready to shine a light on my physical health.  

I was so excited to have the opportunity to have an experience with a life coach. 

Lou is a strong woman who is professional and made me feel at ease and comfortable from our first session together.

She was enthusiastic, inspiring and invested in the outcome of my goals. I felt supported during my journey; I knew she was always cheering me on and happy for me when I accomplished the actions toward my goals. 

As a result of the coaching series, one of the biggest changes that I have witnessed in myself is learning to say ‘no’ and creating healthy energetic boundaries, which has been huge for me. I was always the first to say yes and offer my support to others, what a difference it makes to offer support in a way that is supportive for me too. I realised after our first session the importance of caring for my physical body and myself so that I can be the best expression of myself and as a mother.

If there was one thing I could change it would be utilizing email support more as Lou was fast to reply and always available over email and messenger between sessions for encouragement and guidance.

Overall my experience was empowering, deeply nourishing and inspiring. Lou was born to be a life coach!!

Lou is an incredible yoga teacher and space holder. Her classes are simply medicine and being in her presence is transformational. She has a gift for holding space for all that it, and inspiring you to reach for your dreams. I have been blessed to know Lou for a long time and each time I attend one of her classes I leave feeling renewed and at peace

Ruth Balcke

Lou teaches such a beautiful class. Heartfelt, well thought out, soft, supportive and loving. This is clearly (one of) the 'things' she is supposed to do in life, it is completely natural and full of feeling

Carmelle Russell Yoga manager at Willow Urban Retreat

Lou is a teacher that inspires me. I love how she shares her vulnerability where sometimes she starts the class with a personal story and how it relates a chakra and incorporates other elements like jumping and qigong that relate to the theme. I love how caring she is and how she tucks me in with a blanket and gives me a squeeze on my legs

Diana Pieris

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