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Yoga and meditation teacher. Transformative retreat space holder and intuitive life coach for the sensitive, soulful woman



I’m so glad you found your way here to my online home. This is a safe space where you are free to be your truest self and all parts of you are celebrated and valued. I help Highly Sensitive (HSP) women move past the anxiety and overwhelm to step into their magical, intuitive and powerful selves, with ease. 

If this sounds familiar and true, you’ve found the right place to be supported and seen.

Feel free to have a look around. Whether it is yoga (in person or online) you’re after, a transformative retreat, or a coaching experience to help you gain access to your highest, most actualised self, I have you covered. I am here for you beauty

Rachael B - Retreat Guest

Lou is a warm, empathetic guide who has the ability to gently hold space for others in a way that feels supportive and safe.
The retreat experience she created far exceeded my expectations. There was so much love and care in every detail and every experience throughout the weekend. She attracts like minded humans and very quickly created a circle of trust where it felt natural and safe to share what was on our hearts and minds.  Her yoga and breath classes are soulful and heart-led and I left the weekend feeling like I’d come home to myself and deeply connected to everyone at the retreat. Highly recommend working with Lou if you’re on a journey of self-discovery or need graceful support to come home to yourself.

Jess S - Retreat Guest

I can’t thank you enough for your strong yet gentle stewardship and creating such a felt-safety in such a short time so I could truly drop into receptivity. As a mum and a person who is on ‘high alert’ always, due to my past; to be able to let down the shield and drop the armor and just be, and truly receive and know I was ok to do so is such a rare opportunity for me. It showed me I can be who I am in the world when I make the changes I need to, to support myself and empower my sensitivities rather than mask them.
You are a gift, and have a gift, and I am so grateful to have met you.

Ruby Sri Shiff

Finding a teacher like Lou is very rare. She embodies what she teaches, bringing a deep sense of love, compassion and sensitivity to every class. I always look forward to Lou's classes because I know i will feel held, safe and in the hands of someone who really cares about her students

Prue Barns - Owner of The Light Practice Yoga Studio

Lou is like sunshine and champagne bubbles had a baby. Always sparking and positive with a dazzling smile...but this woman has lived. She is a passionate and dedicated teacher, yogi and friend. She is inspiring, humble, gifted and available. Lou teaches and lives from her heart something the world needs more of. When someone believes in their soul that people can be loved, healed, seen and heard through the practice of yoga and through the practice of kindness its infectious, and thats what this amazing woman does in her classes and in her life. Her learnings are layered and deeply embodied. If you want to be inspired and authentically moved, Lou baby is it!

Diana P

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be held by Lou as I explored and worked on my goals.  Goals are scary but Lou intuitively knew how to work with me to make them achievable. Her wealth of wisdom in the topic of being highly sensitive helped me understand myself, to know what I need to incorporate in my life to thrive and be kinder to myself.  I know what I need to focus on, I don’t need to worry about the future. Seeds are planted, all will be revealed in time

Elisa Silbert - Owner of The Light Practice Yoga Studio

Lou is that special kind of teacher to show up in every sense...class after class with freshness, passion, knowledge and above all else a genuine care for each and every student. The community she builds around her week after week and the authenticity with which she teaches is very beautiful to be a part of. Above all else Lou holds space for everyone regardless of age, ability and background. She is a rare gem of stability and heart as a woman, teacher and student

Sary Davis

Lou is one of my favourite yoga teachers. Her classes are rich in kriya, pranayama and flowing sequences. Lou always makes you feel seen in her classes in the way she holds space so authentically. Keep shining Lou! You are a beautiful person and a wonderful teacher


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